Thanks to ArduTrain WiFi you can control a LEGO diorama through any browser-equipped device; with the complete system you will be able to control:

  • 8 Power Functions trains
  • old 9 Volt and 12 Volt trains (with electrified tracks)
  • 6 motorized switches
  • 4 relays (electrical switches for LED lighting and LEGO motors)
  • 6 sensors that detect the passage of trains and start automations (a list of commands executed in sequence, like: stop train, wait 5 seconds, play audio, change the switch, switch ON the light, start train, …)
  • monitor your diorama remotely by streaming video from a webcam
  • play audio (MP3) files

You can find an index in the upper right box. Following all the steps in this guide will be enough to get your system up and running: buy the components, connect them together, install  the provided software and you’re ready to go.

The system has been designed to rely on low-cost components and to be set up by anyone without any particular computer or electronic skills; nevertheless, if you have any doubt, I encourage you to get help from a friend, or to write me through the Contact me section of this website.


This is not a commercial product, this is a project I made for my LEGO diorama and, subsequently, I’ve spent hundreds of work hours (and a lot of money) to make ArduTrain WiFi free and usable by everyone; if the project will be supported through (optional) donations,  it will remain free and several expansions will be developed to increase the fun!



The author of this guide assumes no responsibility for the operation of the system and in the event of damage to property or persons arising from the construction and use of ArduTrain WiFi; the author does not warrant either public or private assistance with the implementation of ArduTrain WiFi or hardware / software troubleshooting. Commercial distribution for this guide, Raspberry software and Arduino sketch is strictly forbidden; the distribution or the use of this guide and its software is only authorized for non-profit purposes and by citing the author. This site is not sponsored, supported, or licensed by The LEGO Group. LEGO® name and logo are trademarks of © The LEGO Group.


After reading this scary disclaimer…we’re ready to go!


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