This is the latest version of ArduTrain WiFi software: it’s free!


You have to download Raspberry image to get ArduTrain WiFi working; Arduino is updated automatically on Raspberry startup.

If this is your first time making ArduTrain WiFi or you need to update the software version, follow the guide in the Software section.



Version 1.8 – 28 April 2018

  • ArduTrain WiFi now makes its own WiFi network
  • Routine Configurator is now integrated; no more import routines from website
  • Unlimited step for each routine
  • Import and export backup file
  • You can choose USB webcam or PiCamera for video streaming
  • Each time you turn on Raspberry, the Arduino sketch is loaded by Raspberry
  • Introduced “Play sound” step and Audio upload in Setup section
  • Rewrited (Python)
  • Generic code optimization
  • Updated for March 2018 Raspbian version

Version 1.5 – 1 December 2017

  • Generic code optimization for increasing speed
  • Updated database structure
  • Updated for Sept 2017 Raspbian version
  • “STOP ALL TRAINS” button, “Reverse” flag and “Description” field for trains
  • 20 steps for each routine instead 10
  • Manual execution of one routine
  • Added “Disable sensor” step
  • When a routine is update while executing, it will be stopped
  • Changed switches status naming from Open/Closed to Straight/Diverted
  • Set switches positions only in Setup section and no more in the routine configurator online

Version 1.0 – 1 September 2017

  • First version of the project
  • 8 LEGO Power function trains control
  • 6 switches (servos) control
  • 6 sensors control (+ routines and routine configurator online)
  • 4 relay control
  • USB webcam video streaming