muletto-ardutrainYou can find all the components you need to make this system on the internet and in a physical electronics store. I chose Futura Elettronica online shop because it sells almost all the components you need. Some components are sold through Amazon and 4DBrix.

The following table lists all the components for ArduTrain WiFi: there are mandatory ones, which must be purchased to build the base of the system; and then there are the columns that indicate the various additional features (trains, switches, lights & motors, automations and video).

For example, if I want to add trains and switches control, I have to buy all the products marked in the columns: base, trains and switches. If I want to make the full version of ArduTrain WiFi I have to buy all the components listed.

My advice is: read the whole guide, get an idea of where you want to place the components on your diorama and then buy what you need; so you know, for example, how many extensions you have to buy to connect all the components scattered on your diorama, or how many sensors or servomotors you need.

Component Quantity Base Trains Swiches Lights & motors Automations Video
Raspberry Pi 3 1 green-tick
MicroSD 8Gb + SD adapter 1 green-tick
Raspberry power supply 1 green-tick
Arduino UNO + USB cable 1 green-tick
Sensor shield v5 1 green-tick
Arduino 5V 4A power supply 1 green-tick
Cable with DC connector 1 green-tick
Y servo extension 15 30 60cm 1 green-tick
Servo extension 15 30 60 90cm  Rate it green-tick green-tick green-tick
Jumpers F-F 1 box green-tick green-tick
4 channel relay module 1 green-tick
* Servomotors Up to 6 green-tick
*  Sensors Up to 6 green-tick
IR LED module Up to 8 green-tick
Webcam C270 Logitech 1 green-tick


If you live in Europe, you can buy these components on Bricklink in “4DBrix Europe” store. Be careful to buy the right motor for left or right switches!


Do you have all the components you need in front of you? Good! Now we can start to assembly.


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