Before preparing Raspberry software, we will briefly analyze the functioning of the system: Raspberry is the “brain” of ArduTrain WiFi: it connects to a WiFi network (or ethernet cable), hosts the web app that allows us to control the whole system and, after receiving a command, tells Arduino (via USB cable) to perform a certain action on a component (set speed to a train, set a switch, turn on a light, etc.). So, Raspberry and Arduino, are the control box of our diorama.

To upgrade ArduTrain WiFi software (after the release of a new version) you will need to follow the steps on this page, as if it was the first install.


Raspberry software setup

  • Download and install SDFormatter, to prepare the MicroSD for installation, from HERE (Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ACCEPT);
  • Download and install Win32 Disk Imager, to write to the MicroSD the image of ArduTrain WiFi, from HERE;
  • Download and unzip the image archive for Raspberry from my website in the Software page;
  • Insert the MicroSD into the PC, open SDFormatter, then click on Format button and confirm;
  • Open Win32 Disk Imager, select the ArduTrain WiFi image for Raspberry (ardutrainwifi_raspberry.img), select the MicroSD drive, click on Write button and confirm;
  • Wait a few minutes and, when the write-end message appears, remove the MicroSD from the PC;
  • Put MicroSD card into Raspberry.



Now we are ready to turn on the entire system for the first time and read the ArduTrain WiFi user guide; we can go to Guide section.


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